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Stay Home Challenge Breaker – Mobile Legends: Bang Bang Tournament Rules & Regulations

July 15, 2020 | Zenway Productions | News

Event Description

This tournament is only open to players based in Singapore. 

Players must be residents or permanent residents in Singapore or holding a foreign student pass and workers permit here in Singapore.

1. Tournament Information

1.1 Format : Single Elimination 

(All games to be in best of 3 except grand finals)

1.2 Day 1 23rd July

  • 7 pm-7.30 pm – Round 1 Game 1
  • 7.40 pm-8.10 pm – Round 1 Game 2
  • 8.10 pm-8.40 pm – Round 1 Game 3 (If any)
  • 9 pm-9.30 pm – Round 2 Game 1
  • 9.40 pm-10.10 pm – Round 2 Game 2
  • 10.10 pm-10.40 pm – Round 2 Game 3 (If any)

1.3 Day 2 24th July 

  • 7 pm-7.30 pm – Round 3 Game 1
  • 7.40 pm-8.10 pm – Round 3 Game 2
  • 8.10 pm-8.40 pm – Round 3 Game 3 (If any)
  • 9 pm-9.30 pm – Round 4 Game 1
  • 9.40 pm-10.10 pm – Round 4 Game 2
  • 10.10 pm-10.40 pm – Round 4 Game 3 (If any)

1.4 Day 3 25th July (Stream Day 1)

  • 8 pm-9.30 pm Semi Finals 1
  • 9.30 pm-11 pm Semi Finals 2

1.5 Day 4 26th July (Stream Day 2)

  •  8 pm-11 pm Grand Finals (Bo5)

2. Prize Pool Breakdown

2.1 Total of $750 worth of cash

  • Champions:  $500
  • 1st Runner Up: $250

3. Format

3.1 Player Eligibility

All players participating in the tournament must enter with their registered Mobile Legends in game name. The game account will be used to invite players into custom matches and for verification purposes.

3. 2 Team and Player Names

Only registered team members can play for a team. Playing a match with a ringer is strictly prohibited. Players and team members must compete with their registered mobile legends in game name during all matches in the tournament proceeding.

3.3 Roster

3.31 Registered Players

Teams are only allowed to play with players registered on the team roster during the registration phase

Players are not allowed to be playing for more than one team at any given time

3.32 Substitutes

Teams are only allowed to have a maximum of 1 substitute players

The registered substitute player cannot be a part of any rosters of other registered teams that are participating in the tournament.

Should such a substitute player be found, the registration of the substitute player will be considered void and will not be able to act as a substitute for the team.

3.33 Roster Changes

Teams can make changes to their roster anytime during a series.

3.4 Game Version

All games are to be played using the latest version of the game to participate in the tournament. Any updates must be installed before the start of the tournament. Any delays need to be kept to a minimum; no time wastage is allowed.

3.5 Technical Issues

Teams are responsible for their own technical issues (hardware). Matches will not be rescheduled due to above mentioned issues and will go on nevertheless. If maximum pause time and/or delay is exceeded, the game will continue even if the issues are unresolved.

3.6 Disqualification

To maintain fairness during the tournament, the organizer reserves the right to disqualify teams.

Teams found partaking in the following scenarios will be disqualified from the tournament:

  • Deliberate stalling of the game can result in losing that game or series entirely
  • Deliberate leaving of a match before it ends can result in a forfeit and winning point awarded to the opposing team
  • Usage of exploits or third-party programs/cheats will result in player and/or team disqualification
  • Unsportsmanlike conduct (Toxicity in chat, excessive bad manners, physical violence etc.) will result in player and/or team disqualification
  • Betting or match fixing will result in player and/or team disqualification

4. Rules

4.1 Tournament Format

4.11 Match Settings

  • 5v5 Draft Mode

4.12 Match Reporting

Teams must report the results after each series to the tournament admins

Teams should screenshot the end of match screen for verification purposes

4.2 No Show

4.21 Registration

Should a team be absent and uncontactable during registration or attendance taking phase, that team will be marked as late and not allowed to participate in the tournament.

4.22 Match

If a player is late during a match or is only ready 15 minutes after the match has started; will not be allowed to play during that series.

The Team Captain will be given a choice to start the match as 5 players or forfeit the match.

The player who is late is not allowed to re-join this match series.

4.23 In-between series

Players are recommended not to go on breaks in between matches in a series.

Should a player need to take a quick break, seek out an admin or marshal.

Players must remain contactable throughout the tournament.

4.24 Disconnections

In any scenario should a player or more leave before a winner has been determined not due to an internet issue disconnection, that player(s) team forfeits the match, and may be subjected to disqualification.

In any circumstances where there is a disconnection/phone crash/application crash, players MUST return to the game as soon as possible and continue playing.

If in any scenario, in the organizer’s opinion that prevents the match from being decided properly, the “re-match” must be played with the same draft.

It is the responsibility of players to call out to a marshal should these situations occur.

5. Conduct

5.1 Participant Conduct

Players and teams are expected to report to the marshal when called upon as soon as possible. If a player or team isn’t present at match time after 15 minutes, the organizer reserves the right to disqualify.

Players are to take note that there MAY be no breaks during a match and/or after a game, thus advised to fully make use of downtime in between rounds to prepare for the next match (Toilet breaks, food, etc.)

Any action that results in an unfair advantage is illegal. This includes bug abuse or third-party programs.

If a player leaves a game deliberately before it ends, that game will be forfeited, and the winning point awarded to the opposing player.

Match-fixing is not allowed. Should any match-fixing be found out, both involved teams will be disqualified.

All participants are always expected to uphold exemplary standards of conduct. Inappropriate, rude or unsportsmanlike behavior will not be tolerated. Participants who fail to comply will be strictly dealt with.

5.2 Disqualification

As stated above, the tournament organizers reserve the right to disqualify any player that does not comply with the rules.

5.3 Third-Party Software’s

It is strictly prohibited for a player to use any third-party software modifying the game functionalities or principles.

If the presence or use of a prohibited software is detected, the concerned player will be banished of any current and future tournaments.

The player and their belongings will be removed from the tournament and the cash prize earned, if any, will be cancelled.

The organizer reserves the right to amend the Rules and Regulations without giving prior notification or any reasons thereof.


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